TLG Ventures | Blockchain & Digital Asset Investments
TLG Ventures is a venture capital firm founded by four crypto enthusiasts and entrepeneurs, from backgrounds as diverse as phamarceuticals, medicine, business and IT, who collectively, have been investing in early stage blockchain companies and startups for several years.
Blockchain, Digital Asset Investments, Capital and Market Expertise, Enterprise Solutions, Nascent Blockchain Projects
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Blockchain & Digital Asset Investments

About Us

Bringing Capital and Market Expertise / Enterprise Solutions to Nascent Blockchain Projects.

As Blockchain technology continues to evolve, companies that hope to exploit this technology in novel ways or seek to create entirely new business models based on distributed ledger technology will continue to arise.


In order for these companies to thrive, they will require both capital and market expertise. These two critical factors are what TLG and our partners have to offer early stage blockchain projects.

TLG Ventures is a venture capital firm founded by three crypto entrepeneurs, from backgrounds as diverse as medicine, business and IT, who have been investing in blockchain startups for several years.


The collective experience of these founders has proven to be an invaluable asset to the projects and start-ups that the firm has invested in. In order to ensure that projects backed by TLG are those with a higher chance of success, we are very selective about the companies we invest in. TLG applies a proprietary method to evaluating these projects in order to ensure that they meet our strict standards before they secure our backing.