TLG Ventures | TLG VENTURES Portfolio
TLG Ventures is a venture capital firm founded by four crypto enthusiasts and entrepeneurs, from backgrounds as diverse as phamarceuticals, medicine, business and IT, who collectively, have been investing in early stage blockchain companies and startups for several years.
Blockchain, Digital Asset Investments, Capital and Market Expertise, Enterprise Solutions, Nascent Blockchain Projects
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Project Investments: As strategic investors in early stage blockchain projects, we invest between $100,000 to $5,000,000 dollars in startups that meet our criteria prior to ICO.

Project Stewardship: In addition to project capital, we offer our expertise and advice to startups, and help guide them through the pitfalls of early stage growth.  

Project Promotions: As part of our commitment to projects we choose to back, TLG embarks on a promotional campaign for each startup prior to ICO. TLG Ventures has broad access to social media personalities and influencers that are able to leverage their platforms and bring positive media awareness to each project.  

Project ICO: The backing of TLG ventures continues beyond the development stage and through the ICO stage. We understand that the success of any project goes beyond the unique technology it offers or the capability of the team behind it. We are eager to help projects that gain our backing structure their token generation events in order to position them for success.

Our Portfolio of Investments