Blockchain VC firm TLG Ventures announces partnership with Ferrum network

TLG Ventures is excited to announce a partnership with Ferrum Network, a decentralized crypto currency exchange capable of accommodating all types of crypto tokens.

According to the co-founder of TLG Ventures, Emeka Enu M.B.A, a partnership with Ferrum Network was a natural fit that complemented TLG’s overall strategy. “Our investments are primarily focused on high-impact blockchain startups. Although many projects in the Crypto space claim to be revolutionary, we believe this is truly the case for Ferrum Network. The ability to trade tokens across blockchains in a decentralized manner is a feat that was yet to be achieved until now. Ferrum Network’s decentralized exchange is a game changer. It will improve security in the space by limiting points of attack, while at the same time, expand trading of a broad array of tokens to millions who are denied access to centralized exchanges.” Read the full article here.

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